2016 GOP Presidential Clown Car

2016 GOP Presidential Clown Car

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

"Tough guy"

CNN is on the teevee in the other room and they are playing video from a Trup rally where he is praising someone -- I didn't catch who it is -- as being a "Tough guy!!  He's a tough guy!!"

Tough guy??  That's why we should admire someone?  Exactly what does Trump define as "tough guy?"

MIchigan Republican Party cancels election night party as reality sinks in

Lansing — The Michigan Republican Party isn’t throwing a party for activists and elected officials on election night this year, while Michigan Democrats are planning a big bash at the MGM Grand casino in Detroit.

The two major political parties usually host competing events to serve as the base camp for the news media, political pundits and activists to watch election results roll in on projector screens inside a convention center and give their candidates a platform for victory and concession speeches.

But the state Republican Party is taking this year off, citing the cost and the fact there isn’t a statewide race at the top of ticket or special connection to GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump or his running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence.

“It is a costly endeavor and we are using all available resources to elect Republicans,” said Sarah Anderson, communications director for the Michigan Republican Party.

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Monday, October 24, 2016

Let's go to NYC and visit the Trump Dump . . . . ooopss, meant to say the Trump Tower

Trump Tower is no ordinary property: It is the jewel in Donald Trump's brass crown. He lives at the top in a three-story penthouse with his third wife and third son. But it's more than just Trump's home. With its flashy outward image barely concealing a rotting, garbage-filled core, it's a metaphor for the man. A visit to the building' public gardens, which he agreed to create in 1979 in exchange for the rights to make his Tower 20 floors higher, reveals the truth. Let's take a stroll through his messy rest stop for a glimpse of the kind of care and attention that Americans can expect from a President Trump.

Go to the link to read the rest, complete with photos . . . escalators that don't work; a kitchen that looks like a garbage dump; nothing listed in the building directory . . . 

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Trump has gone off the tracks. His is no longer a campaign . . . it's a freak show

The Trump "campaign" has now deteriorated into a freak show.

Trump freak show in Naples, FL, Oct 23.

It's over. Congratulations, Madam President.

A palpable sadness consumed the Newtown, Pennsylvania recreation center Friday night as Donald Trump took to the stage for his final rally of the day. But what was even more shocking than the somber mood of the room was how much the audience size paled in comparison to the majority of the nominee's prior events.

A mere 25 miles outside of Philadelphia, Trump could barely fill a gymnasium; the audience demographics, however, mirroring that of the town.

The rally was nearly 100% white, with the majority of women in attendance over 40.

"We're going to be bringing jobs back to Pennsylvania, folks," Trump announced along with a myriad of other classic campaign promises.

And his attack on the media, particularly CNN, seemed to rile up the crowd most.

"CNN sucks," they chanted at the press pen while the overflow crowd outside was scanned by members of the heavily armed Bucks County police department.

But if there's one conspiracy mainstream media can be faulted with perpetuating, it's that Trump supporters are "working class" rebels. Because with a media household income of $65,000, Newtown residents hardly represent Trump's mythically impoverished base.

In two weeks, Donald Trump will most likely lose the election. But it's unclear if his supporters will accept its result, much less who they will rally behind next.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

This is what Trump has unleashed . . . how long before someone is killed by a Trump thug???

Audience members at a Trump rally on Saturday insulted members of the media with a Nazi term for World War II journalists who refused to toe the party’s line.

“Lügenpresse!” shouted a man in full “Make America Great Again” regalia in video posted by political reporter Rosie Gray.

“Lügenpresse!” shouted a man next to him. “Did I say it right?”

“You said it right,” said the first rally goer.

“You’re all in bed with the Clintons,” said the second man. “You’re all bought and paid for.”
CNN’s Jake Tapper pointed out that “Lügenpresse” was a Nazi term.

“Lügenpresse, “lying press,” literally a Nazi-era term. You know, Nazis — the evil forces the US and allies defeated,” he tweeted, along with a link to a Reuters article about the term’s history and its recent resurgence among modern neo-Nazis.

“‘Luegenpresse’ is a word contaminated by the Nazis,” said linguist Nina Janich — a professor at the Technical University Darmstadt — to Reuters.

“It’s used deliberately in the PEGIDA [the neo-Nazi group, “Patriotic Europeans against the Islamisation of the West”] movement to steer it against those (in the media) who criticize their movement,” Janich explained.

And another --

As Donald Trump has ratcheted up his hateful rhetoric against the media, his fans have grown increasingly hostile to the reporters on the ground covering the campaign.

On Saturday, CNN’s Jim Acosta posted video of Trump supporters screaming at him as he tried to file a live report.

“Tell the truth,” the crowd chanted, and “CNN sucks!”

When Acosta tried to engage some members of the crowd, they became even more abusive, Mediaite said, telling Acosta he looks “like a woman” and shouting insults.

NO, Trump will not sue anyone

Trump made a speech today at Gettysburg where he desecrated one of the most hallowed places in our nation's history.

In his speech in which he repeated his usual lies, Trump threatened to sue the women who have accused him of sexual assault.  Big mistake.

In the first place, he likely will not sue anyone . . . it's more Trump bluster.

In the second place, Trump needs to be careful . . . because . . . suits involve DISCOVERY.  He sues them, then, their attorneys come back and require him to turn over to them his travel schedules and all other documents that are or may be relevant.  He doesn't want to do that because he knows the women are not lying and he knows he will lose in discovery.

Meanwhile . . .